Located between the US Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, and Interstate 90, the STAMP Mega-Site offers significant infrastructure advantages. The site has been developed to support industries requiring robust infrastructure, with over $175 million invested to build reliable, redundant, and high-capacity services.



  • Electricity sourced from Niagara Falls Hydropower and 1-GW of solar energy generation in development within 20 miles
  • Quad-redundant 345-kV transmission system at site boundary serving 600-MW substation under construction at STAMP
  • On-site 115-kV distribution system
  • Low-cost, long-term pricing available, including 100% renewable programs
  • 900+ MW of solar development planned within 15 miles



  • 1 MGD water capacity (2023)
  • 1.5 MGD water capacity expansion funded for 2024-25 construction
  • Scalable expansions to 7 MGD total capacity ready-to-bid
  • Water recycling solutions to 5 MGD additional capacity
  • Redundant sources from U.S. Great Lakes



  • 6 MGD wastewater force main under construction
  • Water recycling solutions to 5 MGD additional capacity
  • Scalable wastewater treatment facility funded for 2024-25 construction


Natural Gas


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