Edwards Starts Construction at STAMP

STAMP is a green manufacturing mega-site developed to deliver hydropower, utilities, and talent from a strategic location in New York. STAMP’s 1,250-acre campus sources high capacities of low-cost renewable power from Niagara Falls. With $1 billion of announced investments and over 500 buildable acres available STAMP is the ideal place to develop advanced manufacturing projects.


  • Over 500 buildable acres available
  • Site environmental reviews, zoning completed
  • Expansive and reliable utility networks
  • Diverse technician and engineering programs


STAMP Infrastructure

  • Electricity sourced from Niagara Falls Hydropower and 1-GW of solar energy generation in development within 20 miles
  • Quad-redundant 345-kV transmission system connecting to the on-site 600-MW substation now under construction at STAMP; and on-site 115-kV distribution system
  • 1 MGD water completed with scalable, ready-to-bid water network expansion funded for 2024-25 construction
  • 6 MGD force main under construction with scalable, ready-to-bid wastewater treatment plant funded for 2024-25 construction
  • Natural gas system with 24” transmission line adjacent to site with distribution line funded for 2024-25 construction


Prime Location

  • Central Location to 1 million people in the Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor
  • Quick access to I-90
  • 140 Million People (40% of US/Canadian population) within 500 miles


Business Climate

  • 0% corporate income tax for manufacturing
  • 0% tax on personal property, manufacturing equipment and inventory
  • 30,000 engineering and technician students annually enrolled
  • Quality housing, schools, and amenities with a low cost of living


Contact Chris Suozzi, GCEDC Vice President of Business & Workforce Development, at 585-409-1301 or [email protected] to Advance Your Project at STAMP!