The GCEDC's financial assistance programs are designed for companies making capital investments and projects creating, retaining and attracting high-quality employment in Genesee County, New York.

Financial Incentives

The Genesee County Economic Development Center has developed programs to help companies of all sizes and industries succeed. We encourgage you to join the hundreds of companies that have catalyzed capital investment and job retention and creation with the programs and services designed to provide financial assistance and value-added consulting services,

Tax Incentives

The GCEDC is empowered to assist companies through property tax abatements, sales tax incentives and mortgage recording tax incentives.

GCEDC Application for Financial Assistance: PDF

Revolving Loan Fund

The GGLDC is empowered to assist companies pursuing manufacturing, commercial, mixed-use and redevelopment projects with revolving loan fund.

Brochure: Download

Application:  PDF

GAIN Loan Fund

The GAIN Loan Fund is available to support the growth of agricultural, and food & beverage businesses.

Brochure: Download

Application: PDF

Tax Exempt Bonds

The Genesee County Funding Corporation is empowered to assist qaulifying projects with tax exempt bonding 

Application: PDF

Batavia Pathway to Prosperity

The Batavia Pathway to Prosperity (BP2) Fund was created to enable the redevelopment of blighted properties in the city of Batavia through revenues from economic development projects. A partnership between Genesee County, the City of Batavia and the Batavia City School District allows additional projects to be considered for property, mortgage and sales tax incentives to support the BP2 Fund.

Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade 284 covers all of Genesee County, including all of our shovel-ready industrial parks

State and Utility Assistance

In addition to the GCEDC and GGLDC's programs, projects and growing businesses can qualify for a variety of New York State programs that support capital investment, job creation and development of key industries.

The GCEDC's utility partners, including National Grid and National Fuel Gas, support investments into project utilities and the improvement of utilities at existing facilities.


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