Choose Genesee

Genesee County has been recognized by Site Selection Magazine for nearly 20 consecutive years as one of the best micropolitan communities for businesses to succeed.

How do we stay on top? By leveraging the unmatched potential of our people, our power, and our incentives to grow our community and your business.


Genesee County is the hub of the Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor, home to over 2 million people, major universities, vibrant cities, natural beauty, and business-friendly communities. And our strategic location puts our businesses within a 10-hour drive of 125 million customers in the North American market through a well-built transportation network.

The GCEDC is pleased to be your partner in development. Our work in developing shovel-ready sites, innovative workforce development programs, and supporting over $2 billion of investment since 2003 is a personal mission for our team of economic developers.

If you need help finding a site, finding your workforce, or finding a connection to accelerate your plans, we’re here for you, because we’re here for Genesee.


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