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Cedar Street Sales & Rentals expansion adds to Batavia's Pathway to Prosperity

Posted by admin at 8:27 AM on Jun 7, 2019


BATAVIA, NY – The Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC) approved incentives for a 6,000 square-foot warehouse project at 52 Cedar Street in the city of Batavia at its June 6, 2019 board meeting.

Cedar Street Sales & Rentals (Mucher & Clark LLC) will receive approximately $37,000 sales, mortgage and property tax exemptions to support the $165,000 project.  The project will generate that will revenues of approximately $28,000 into the Batavia Pathway to Prosperity (BP2) fund over 10 years.  The project supports 10 existing jobs and 1.5 new positions.

“The BP2 program is an important collaboration between various entities, including the city of Batavia, Batavia City Schools, and Genesee County to enhance economic development opportunities in Batavia,” said GCEDC Board Chair Paul Battaglia.

The GCEDC board also approved the acceptance of an application from W&M Humphrey Associates, LP for a $3.1 million expansion for facilities on Munson Street in the village of LeRoy which are leased to the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (GVEP).

W&M Humphrey Associates is seeking incentives of approximately $465,000 in property, sales and mortgage tax exemptions.  The 11,000 square-foot project includes the addition of flexible conference rooms, training areas, offices and support spaces, and is estimated to add 2.5 FTE positions to the 525 supported by GVEP.

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