Apple Tree Acres 


Apple Tree Acres, located in the Town of Bergen, is a 185 acre park that is home to Liberty pumps, Leonard Bus Company, Insurance Auto Action and Ad Tech. With Apple Tree’s location directly on Route 33, Route 490 and near the I-90 interchange, it is an ideal spot for retailers, light manufactures and distribution centers. The Village of Bergen maintains municipal electric and provides service to occupants at low rates (about $.045/kwh). The park is fully shovel-ready with gas, electric, water and sewer infrastructure. In 2013, Imagination Industries located just outside of the park near Pavilion Gift Company further solidifying Bergen as a business hub. Progressive incentives are available including discount or abatement on sales, mortgage, income and property taxes as well as the availability of low interest loans and land grants.


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Industry: retail, light manufacturing, distribution

Status: shovel-ready

Acres: 185

Zoning: Interchange/ Industrial

Sewer: 8” line 30,000 gpd

Water: 12” main 58 psi

Electric: Municipal electric (Village of Bergen)

Electric Cost: $0.045/ kwh

Electric Capacity: 3MW with ability to expand

Gas: Rochester Gas and Electric


- Ground- Park sits just off of the Interstate 90 and 490

- Rail- Multimodal rail yard 15 miles away

- Air- 20 minutes to Rochester International Airport


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