GCEDC Partners Offering Business Support

The list below outlines many of GCEDC's partners and their programs that are designed to assist businesses.  This is not an exclusive list, so please feel free to call us to discuss your specific project needs.  The GCEDC will connect you to right resources to advance your business or specific project.   


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Development Partners & Commercial Real Estate Associations


University Commercialization, Technology, and Manufacturing Support Services

  • UB New York State Center of Excellence Bioinformatics & Life Sciences- The CBLS is a hub for life sciences innovation and technology-based economic development. Leveraging our resources, we drive scientific discovery, facilitate collaboration among academia, industry and the public sector. We help companies get the funding they need to thrive, scientists gain access to world-class facilities and create employment and investment opportunities that improve human health.   
  • UB New York State Center of Excellence Center in Materials Informatics- The CMI drives innovation and R&D to grow critical industries such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences and energy — helping new and existing businesses become more competitive through technology innovation and facilitate economic development. CMI is one of the driving forces behind Buffalo Manufacturing Works, leveraging UB’s expertise and resources to advance development of manufacturing technology in our region. Currently, CMI is located within the CBLS.  
  • UB Office of Economic Development- The OED is an agent for growth and enterprise in our community, helping UB achieve its full impact as a major economic engine by fostering a relationship between the university’s research at CBLS, and its applied commercial development. The OED acts as a partner for business leaders and entrepreneurs to build innovation in our region.
  • Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences- From the university’s highly-ranked undergraduate business program to innovative teaching, research and outreach in communication, development sociology, landscape architecture, environmental sciences, biological sciences, and other fields, CALS offers a broad spectrum of programs that complement our historic and powerful agricultural roots. Our diverse portfolio of faculty, staff and students enables us to address challenges associated with feeding the burgeoning global population in the context of a changing climate that will stress many crops with heat and either drought or flooding, attack from ever-evolving pathogens and pests, and limits on agricultural practices that threaten boundary conditions for planetary stability. Our scientists address needs that range from strengthening regional economies—from farm to market—to making urban environments more livable right here in New York State and around the globe.
  • Cornell University Harvest NY- Harvest New York is a project in Western New York, begun in 2012, which expands and enhances existing agriculture extension programs with the addition of three new areas of expertise.  Dairy Processing and Food Safety Specialists: Focus on dairy and food processing, with emphasis on dairy processing manufacturers making artisan cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, and other value-added dairy products.  Local Food Distribution and Marketing Specialists: Increase investment and jobs in agricultural and food systems to enhance the viability of farms through expansion, value-added production, diversification, and distribution of locally produced fruits and vegetables.  Dairy Modernization and Profitability Specialists: Focus on capitalizing on the emerging opportunities for economic growth and sustainability that can be attained by increasing milk production.
  • RIT Golisano Institute for Sustainability is a multidisciplinary academic unit at RIT whose mission is to undertake world-class education and research programs in sustainability with major foci on sustainable production, sustainable energy, sustainable mobility and ecologically friendly information technology systems.
  • RIT Packaging Science Dynamics Lab is a certified International Safe Transit Association Test Lab, equipped to conduct distribution test in accordance with ISTA and ASTM testing procedures.  The Dynamics lab features equipment for simulated distribution test such as vibration, shock, and compression.  A wide variety of standards and customized testing for clients from across industry are conducted in addition to being an academic resource for students.  
  • RIT MicroE Lab Semiconductor microelectronics technology remains important for the world economy. The semiconductor industry is U.S. manufacturing’s star performer. Fostering a vigorous semiconductor industry in our country is important for the nation’s economic growth, long-term security, and the preparation and maintenance of a capable high-tech workforce. The Kate Gleason College of Engineering developed the first Bachelor of Science degree program in microelectronic engineering in the United States, and the college continues to provide highly educated and skilled engineers for the semiconductor industry. 
  • University of Rochester UR Ventures- the transfer of technologies make the world a better place, but the revenues generated are unrestricted and support the amazing research of the future. By rewarding our inventors, we also motivate them to solve real-world problems. Finally, the relationships we create help to attract and maintain industrial support for research.