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Celebrating Eli Fish Brewing Co. & FreshLAB

Posted by admin at 9:07 AM on Mar 26, 2018


Inside the JJ Newberry building in Batavia, the FreshLAB Restaurant Incubator will open their doors this spring with two new restaurants and anchor tenant Eli Fish Brewing Company (Open Now). FreshLAB is a first of its kind, restaurant incubator program developed by the Batavia Development Corporation to address the dining and entertainment sales leakage in Genesee County.

As for Eli Fish Brewing Company, three Batavia natives pay homage to Eli Fish, who operated Fish's Malt House, a brewery located on the corner of Elm and Main Streets in the 1800s. The brewery, which reportedly had the capacity to produce 16,000 barrels of beer annually in 1883, burned many times during Fish's ownership, with Fish rebuilding it each time at the same location. Eli Fish Brewing Company is led by Batavia natives Matthew Gray, owner of Alex's Place in Batavia, as well as Buffalo Brothers Pizza and Wing Co. in North Carolina, Jon Mager, a third-generation owner in Arctic Refrigeration in Batavia, and Matthew Boyd, a partner in both Alex's and Buffalo Brothers Pizza and Wing Co. who oversees Buffalo Brothers' five North Carolina locations.

Another exciting facet of this project includes the rehabilitation of upper floor apartments above the FreshLAB restaurant incubator.



Eli Fish Brewing Co. Video

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