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Near the WNY STAMP campus there are 57 colleges and universities with more than 300,000 students enrolled. Six world class university centers serve WNY STAMP including Rochester Institute of Technology, University at Buffalo, University of Rochester, Cornell University, Syracuse University, and Alfred University. Four AAU Member University Centers are in the region. See below for more data and R&D information relevant to the WNY STAMP Campus.

Academic Connectivity

The GCEDC, developers of the WNY STAMP campus, understand that academic connectivity is imperative to the success of semiconductor and technology companies.  To this end, we engage our regional colleges and universities to ensure they are ready and capable of providing solutions to businesses including workforce development, specialized degree programs, stacking non-credit and credit programs, as well as R & D collaboration and partnerships.  With over 57 universities and colleges within a two hour drive of the WNY STAMP site, the collaborative opportunities are endless.

57 colleges and universities and more than 300,000 students in WNY

  • 318,156 enrolled in 57 colleges in and around WNY (2010)
  •  75,013 graduates from those 57 colleges (2010)
  •  38 four-year colleges regionally
  • 18 two-year colleges regionally

WNY offers several colleges specialized in manufacturing, engineering and technology

  • 6 World Class University Centers Proximate to the 1,250 acre STAMP site
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, University at Buffalo, University of Rochester, Cornell University, Syracuse university, and Alfred University
  • 4 AAU Member University Centers in region
  • 5 SUNY Community Colleges in region (53,000 enrolled)
  • 2 colleges (ECC, GCC) developing AAS in Nanotechnology (SEMI)
  • 2 colleges (MCC, FLCC) enabling Engineering curriculum with SEMI and Mechatronics elements in collaboration with RIT.

Expansive Engineering Programs regionally near the STAMP site enables strong engineering “talent sourcing” potential

  • 17,000 engineering students enrolled (6 regional university centers: 2011-12)
  • 4,500 engineering degrees conferred (6 regional universities centers: 2011-12)


Colleges and Universities

Academic Institutions


CNSE Solar Energy Development Center

GE Energy

GE Global Research

GE Renewable Energy

Schenectady County Community College


Center for Computational Innovations

Center for Integrated Electronics (CIE) (RPI)

Hudson Valley Community College

Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics Research and Technology Center (STAR Center)

Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center for Directed Assembly of Nanostructures

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE)

CNSE Center for Advanced Technology in Nanomaterials and Nanoelectronics

CNSE Center of Excellence in Nanoelectronics

CNSE Energy & Environmental Technology Application Center

CNSE Focus Center – New York (SIA/DARPA)

CNSE Global 450 Consortium & Facilities 450 Consortium

CNSE iClean Incubator)

CNSE Nanoscale Metrology and Imaging Center

CNSE’s Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center (SCiTI)

New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (SUNY Poly)


U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium


Alfred University Nano Materials Innovation Center Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology


Genesee Community College


Binghamton University Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging Center (S3IP)


Buffalo Information Technologies Innovation and Commercialization Hub (SUNY Poly)

Buffalo High-Tech Manufacturing Innovation Hub at RiverBend (SUNY Poly)

Buffalo Medical Innovation and Commercialization Hub (SUNY Poly)

Center for Computational Research

Center for Spin Effects and Quantum Information in Nanostructures (CSEQuIN)

Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics

Erie Community College

Niagara County Community College

New York Center for Nanomedicine Research

Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics

University at Buffalo (AAU Member, NY HEALS participant)


University of Toronto (AAU Member)

University of Waterloo


CNSE’s Smart System Technology & Commercialization Center of Excellence (STC) (SUNY Poly)

Finger Lakes Community College


Clarkson University Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP)


American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics)

CNSE’s Photovoltaic Manufacturing and Technology Development Facility (Solar Rochester) (SUNY Poly)

Monroe Community College

New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC) (SUNY Poly)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) MicroE Programs

University of Rochester (AAU Member)

Alliance for Nanomedical Technologies (E-CAT)

Center for Materials Research

Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF)

Cornell University (AAU Member)

CNSE’s Smart System Technology & Commercialization Center of Excellence (STC) (SUNY Poly)

Finger Lakes Community College


CNSE Hub for Emerging Nano Industries (SUNY Poly)

Syracuse University

New York

Stony Brook University


SUNY Poly’s Computer Chip Commercialization Center (Quad-C)

Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL)

Colgate University

Hamilton College

Herkimer County Community College

Mohawk Valley Community College

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Utica College



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