Genesee County’s Agricultural Assets Power Northeast’s Dairy Hub

Trained workforce, concentrated supply of milk, vegetables, fruit attract growth at Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park and Genesee County food and beverage manufacturers

Genesee County’s heartland economy has connected dairy companies to the ideal environment in New York to produce healthy and value-added products.


Genesee’s #1 industry grows from strategic location, environmental stewardship

“Agriculture” is the answer to a popular question posed to young students, political visitors, and often asked by Genesee County’s 1,000-strong food and beverage workforce – “What’s our #1 industry?”

Driven by a productive climate, resilient soils, and ample water, agricultural businesses and family farms have built a sustainable economic engine that continues to innovate and grow in Genesee County.

Generations of talented agricultural professionals are a seed planted through the Genesee County 4-H and farm family agricultural stewardship, grown and ripened at institutions like Cornell University, and harvested by returning home with a focus on improving our community and world.

Local, fresh, high quality milk, vegetables and grains grown on/in 6% of the worlds prime soils, processed in Genesee County by hands that value our low food miles, drive passion and pride in our role of feeding the world. 


Site Development Delivers 15-Day Application-to-Construction at Ag Park

From the start of development to project delivery, GCEDC shovel-ready sites are prepared to move at the speed of business. This was most evident at launch of the Genesee Valley Agribusiness Park in 2011 with over $200 million of projects breaking ground.

The GCEDC’s commitment to proactive due diligence, permitting, and site infrastructure enabled projects to rapidly advance into full construction without delay after project announcements.

“A 15-day building permit approval was the fastest ever recorded by a Haskell project anywhere in the world,” Juan Carlos Salom, Haskel Director of Project Development, said reflecting on the project’s speed.


HP Hood, Upstate Niagara Cooperative build on investments in Batavia

Sustained growth and investment have changed a former pumpkin field into the active hub for over $500 million of business investments at the Genesee Valley Agribusiness Park.

With more than 1 million square feet of food and beverage manufacturing facilities, the Ag Park’s largest businesses fortunately have room to grow. Development of the 250-acre site provides space that enabled both HP Hood and Upstate Niagara to extend both of their campuses between 2020 and 2021.

“With the sale of these parcels, the Agri-Business Park is nearing capacity and it once again validates the build it and they will come approach,” said Don Cunningham, Genesee Gateway Local Development Corporation Chairman, in announcing the 2020 land sales.  “We continue to market and recruit agri-businesses to Genesee County and have multiple sites that fulfill their needs for shovel-ready sites and infrastructure served by a talented workforce.”


Dairy Processing Workforce Training Meets Industry Demands

Less than a week after high school graduation, an energized group of Genesee County students have already completed dairy science and sanitation training conducted by Cornell University.

The Cornell in High School program launched in 2022 with the goal of delivering immediate career exposure and readiness for in-demand careers in dairy processing.

With established and growing mechatronics training at the high school level, Genesee County’s dairy processing talent pipeline is rapidly growing.

“It was encouraging to see the strong turnout and engagement by students who are ready for careers in dairy processing,” Anika Zuber Gianforte, Cornell Dairy Processing & Marketing Specialist, said after the bootcamp’s completion. “Students gained valuable skills and connections through Cornell and our participating employers that they can use to grow rewarding careers right in their backyard.”


The Hub of dairy production, processing, and good jobs


  • #1 State in US for Yogurt, Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese Production
  • #4 State in US for Dairy Production, Cheese Production

Our Region

  • 129,000+ Cows
  • 352 Dairy Farms
  • 285+ Million Pounds of Milk Production (May 2019)

Genesee County

  • #3 NY County for Farm Product Sales
  • $83+ Million Dairy Processing Careers Income (2022)
  • $1.28+ Billion Food & Beverage Estimated Annual Economic Output (2022)