Workforce readiness and availability is one of the GCEDC's number one priorities. From elementary school to a doctorates degree we work on every level of our education systems to ensure that businesses have the workforce they need to grow and succeed. Locally we can pull from 2.3 million people and have over 57 college and universities graduating students.

Food Processing Workforce Training

Genesee Valley Educational Partnership High-School- Ag Academy

P-Tech High-School- Western New York Tech Academy 

Genesee Community College The Best Center- Food Processing Technology Certificate

Genesee Communtiy College- Associates Degree in Food Processing

Cornell University- Bachelor's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Rochester Institute of Technology- Bachelor's in Packaging Science 


Workforce Development - Ag/ Dairy

Many current programs exist to train citizens in agriculture and food processing.  Contact us to learn more about any of the programs listed below.

STEM Workforce Training

Focus on STEM to STAMP -  Memorandum of Understanding

·         Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

·         Monroe Community College

·         Genesee Community College

·         22 GVEP (BOCES) K-12 school districts

Current initiatives

·         4th grade innovators pilot project

·         Nanotech training for teachers at RIT

·         Western New York Tech Academy

·         Associates in Mechatronics- Monroe Community College

·         Associates in Nanotechnology- Genesee Community College

·         Bachelor’s in Microelectronics- Rochester Institute of Technology 


Workforce Development - STEM


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