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Niagara Falls, NYPA Power Renewable, Reliable, Low-Cost Power at STAMP

Fri, Jul 21st 2023 09:00 am

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More than 75,000 gallons thundering over the Niagara Falls, an inspiring display of natural power.

The awe-inspiring falls are more than a celebrated attraction for newlyweds and visitors to western New York. They represent the capacity for green energy to power manufacturing at the STAMP mega-site less than 30 miles away.

Some 2,600 megawatts of clean energy are produced at the Niagara Power Project, including 695 megawatts specifically dedicated to economic development in communities within a 30-mile range.

Long-Term Commitments to Support Growth

STAMP’s strategic location in the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) Western New York Hydropower Zone enables companies to secure long-term, fixed-rate agreements for low-cost power generated at the Niagara Power Project.

The Hydropower program’s contracts provide 10-year cycles of stable energy prices, with the confidence to plan ahead and the ability to renew easily.

Over 800 customers have been approved for hydropower allocations as of February 2023, including Plug Power and Edwards Genesee at STAMP. This has enabled generation of green hydrogen and a massive reduction in the semiconductor supply chain’s carbon footprint.

Hydropower Delivered Directly to STAMP

Hydropower generated at Niagara Falls is routed directly to STAMP on a pair of 345-KV transmission lines that connect to additional sources of hydropower in northern New York and Canada.

NYPA has a 60+ year history of reliably providing hydropower across New York. With sources flowing from both directions, STAMP’s 600-megawatt electric substation provide quad-redundancy.

This renewable, reliable, low-cost power is only available at this capacity at STAMP.