Genesee County's Renewable Energy Investments Growing Green Jobs

Green infrastructure, talent, and ready sites attract projects to the Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor

Genesee County's greenfield sites, and the green fields across our county, are powering a generational change in New York's economy led by green jobs and growing businesses.


New York Bus Sales accelerating electric school transportation in Batavia

“Genesee County’s favorable business climate and its central location between Buffalo and Rochester made Batavia an ideal location for our new facility,” Sean Finnerty, New York Bus Sales President, said as the company broke ground on a 20,000 square-foot facility.

Businesses servicing the entire Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor from Batavia has been a dominant trend in the Gateway I and II Business Parks  and surrounding areas. Equipment manufacturers, logistics centers, and critical services are now joined by a project accelerating the regional transition from diesel-powered school bus fleets to electric.

The 24 full-time workers to be employed at the 20,000 square-foot facility’s training space, electric-charging network, and service stations are the latest example of green jobs growing through the support of the GCEDC and National Grid.


GE Renewable Energy pursues future of wind turbine construction in Bergen

First of its kind research in the US is underway in Bergen’s Apple Tree Acres, where a partnership of GE Renewable Energy and the US Department of Energy is experimenting with new production methods to make wind turbine towers more efficient and sustainable.

A team of 20 professionals from our region’s highly trained engineering and technician workforce are leading the research and development facility’s work toward optimizing 3D printed concrete for wind turbine construction.

“Innovation will continue to be a key driver in accelerating the energy transition. It is particularly important to continuously improve the ways we design, manufacture, transport, and construct the large components of modern wind farms,” Danielle Merfeld, GE Renewable Energy Chief Technology Officer, said during an Earth Day 2022 ribbon-cutting.


Plug Power finds ideal location for leading green hydrogen investment at STAMP

Like the cascading waters going over Niagara Falls 30 miles away, construction of North America’s largest green hydrogen project is continuously progressing at the Western New York Science & Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP).

Plug Power’s Project Gateway will produce 74 metric tons per day of green hydrogen through the abundant green energy and water available at STAMP.

Through the delivery of the New York Power Authority’s reliable, high capacity, low-cost hydropower enables Plug Power’s commitment to convert carbon-intensive industries to a renewably sourced fuel.

“Plug Power's future rightfully revolves around building the green hydrogen economy,” Andy Marsh, Plug Power CEO said in announcing the project in 2021. “We are grateful that our home state of New York is helping lead the way on climate and clean energy initiatives. And, that Plug Power’s green hydrogen solutions can make such a positive impact on the environmental and economic climates in the state.”

Investments underway at STAMP to support renewables manufacturing

  • Project Gateway
  • 345 KV to 115 KV campus substation
  • Electric and water line extensions
  • Road improvements