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Plug 2022 Logo.pngAbout Plug Power

Plug Power is building the hydrogen economy as the leading provider of comprehensive hydrogen fuel cell turnkey solutions. The Company’s innovative technology powers electric motors with hydrogen fuel cells amid an ongoing paradigm shift in the power, energy, and transportation industries to address climate change and energy security, while meeting sustainability goals.

Plug Power created the first commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cell technology. As a result, the Company has deployed over 40,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility, more than anyone else in the world, and has become the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen, having built and operated a hydrogen highway across North America.

Manufacturing Building.pngProject Overview

In February 2021, Plug Power announced that it has selected a 30-acre site at the STAMP 1,250-Acre Mega-Site for the $232.7 million Project Gateway investment.

At STAMP, Plug Power will produce green hydrogen for logistics and transportation users. This will enable users to replace fossil fuels in on-road applications like heavy-duty freight and forklifts.

The Plug Power facility will produce green hydrogen using an electrolysis process of water utilizing clean hydropower. The production facility will produce approximately 45 metric tons of liquid hydrogen that produces no pollution and creates essentially no waste.

Renewables Manufacturing Green.pngSTAMP Site Advantages

STAMP's strategic location, development readiness and utility advantages provide the ideal site for renewables manufacturing.

STAMP's low-cost, 100% renewable hydropower and shovel-ready permitting, zoning, and environmentals all support Plug Power's development. Learn more about STAMP's advantages.

BufRoc Metro Green.pngSTAMP Regional Advantages

STAMP's strategic location in the Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor provides significant advantages for renewables manufacturing.

The region's advanced research & development institutions, workforce training partners, and renewable energy supply chain all support Plug Power's development. Learn more about STAMP's regional advantages.

Power Green.pngSTAMP Site Investment

Plug Power is also investing $55 million to advance the construction of STAMP's 345/115 KV substation.

The substation is under construction in partnership with the New York Power Authority and National Grid.

The project enables Plug Power and future users to access 100% renewable energy at rates far below national averages for non-renewable energy. Learn more about STAMP's Utility Advantages.

STAMPGenesee.pngFiscal Impact

The GCEDC Board of Directors have approved an investment agreement with Plug Power that will generate approximately $2.3 million per year in revenues supporting local governments, education, and infrastructure in Genesee County, the Town of Alabama, and the Oakfield-Alabama Central School District.


Project Gateway anticipates adding 68 full-time jobs at an average salary of around $70,000 plus benefits. Learn more about careers at Plug Power here.

ChrisSuozzi.pngLooking for the right location to grow?

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