GGLDC Reports

GGLDC Reports


Investment Reports 201420152016

Procurement Reports 201420152016

Real Property Listing 201420152016


 Public Authorities Annual Report (OSC and ABO) 201420152016

  • Schedule of Debt-see annual report
  • Real Property Disposal Reports-see annual report
  • Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Major Authority Units-see annual report


List of Board Members and Executives making over $100,000 per year - Not Applicable

Management's Assessment of Internal Control Structure and procedures  201420152016

NYS Local Public Authority Mission Statement & Measurement Report- 2014201520162017

Certificate Certifying Financial Information and Annual Report 201420152016

Independent Audit 201420152016

Management Letter 201420152016

Self Evaluation of Prior Year Performance 201420152016


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