GCEDC Reports

GCEDC Reports

Investment Reports  201420152016

Procurement Reports 201420152016

Real Property Listing 201420152016

Public Authorities Annual Report (OSC and ABO) 201420152016

  • Real Property Disposal Reports-see annual report
  • Schedule of Debt-see annual report
  • Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Major Authority Units- see annual report

List of Board Members and Executives making over $100,000 per year 201420152016

Management's Assessment of Internal Control Structure and procedures 20142015, 2016

NYS Local Public Authority Mission Statement & Measurement Report-GCEDC 2014201520162017

GCEDC Certificate of the CEO and CFO Certifying the Financial Information and Annual Report 201420152016

Independent Audits 201420152016

Management Letters 201420152016

Authority Self Evaluation of Prior Year Performance 201420152016


GCEDC Budgets

GCEDC 2015-2018 Budget Forecast

GCEDC 2016-2019 Budget Forecast

GCEDC 2017-2020 Budget Forecast

GCEDC 2018-2021 Budget Forecast


GCEDC Annual Report to Stakeholders

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report


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