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Projects in Le Roy to invest over $10 million with GCEDC support

Posted by admin at 8:00 AM on Nov 1, 2019


BATAVIA, NY – The Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC) board of directors approved incentives for two capital investment projects in Le Roy at the board’s October 31st meeting.

Wright Associates is investing approximately $9.5 million to purchase and build-out an existing 139,000 square foot building on Wright Avenue in Le Roy, and in the process create 125 new full-time jobs in Genesee County.

The company will make significant renovations to the building and property, including the installation of a new roof, updates to the electrical system, improvements to drainage system, installation of fiber optic cable, updates to HVAC systems, and other enhancements.

The beverage distribution company, based in Rochester, requested approximately $854,452 in mortgage, sales and property tax exemptions. The project's property, local sales tax and payroll represent a $135.50 local impact for every $1 of benefits.

Wendt Propane Gas Service is investing $1.3 million to build a new 9,600-sf facility at the corner of route 19 and North Rd in the town of Le Roy, creating 4 new full-time jobs.  The company will be expanding its propane service to local residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers. 

The company is seeking approximately $120,000 in mortgage, sales and property tax exemptions.  The project represents a $24.50 local impact for every $1 of benefits.

The GCEDC board also voted to accept an application for incentives from Fraser-Branche Property, LLC which is seeking to purchase and renovate the YWCA building on North Street in the City of Batavia. The company will renovate approximately 8,700 square feet of the 13,000-sf facility for an expansion of Three Little Birds Pediatrics, and is proposing to lease back the remainder of the facility to the YWCA and two other existing tenants.

The total project capital investment is $1.4 million. Fraser-Branche Property, LLC is seeking approximately $105,000 in mortgage, sales and property tax exemptions.  The project will be part of the Batavia Pathway to Prosperity (BP2) program.  Since the project is seeking over $100,000 in incentives, the GCEDC will conduct a public hearing.

“These are three exciting projects for Genesee County, and especially the town of LeRoy and City of Batavia,” said GCEDC Board Chair Paul Battaglia. “It’s great to see both the high level of capital investment being made and the number of jobs being created.”

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