The Innovation Zone at MedTech Centre



MISSION: Provide a “sandbox” environment that enables high-tech entrepreneurs space and resources to innovate, collaborate, and accelerate new technologies into new business enterprises.


ABOUT: The Innovation Zone (IZ) at MedTech Centre located in Batavia, NY is a facility that provides low cost innovation space (office, conference rooms, video conference, lounge) as well as programing and business services for high-tech entrepreneurs. It is a collaboration of economic development professionals, universities/colleges, and government agencies that have come together to support high-tech entrepreneurs. The IZ space connects Buffalo and Rochester allowing entrepreneurs the ability to take advantage of both major metros' programs, research and expertise.  This project was funded with grant proceeds from National Grid.

  • Innovation Zone at MedTech Centre

  • NYS Innovation Hot Spot satellite location 

  • Incubation and Commercialization Partner = High Tech Rochester (HTR)

  • Creative space for innovations

  • State of the art training facility with video conferencing

  • 1,400 sq. ft.


Facility Pricing

Faciltiy Overview

Innovation Zone Brochure



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