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GCEDC Cautiously Optimistic about the Imposition of Solar Tariffs

Posted by admin at 3:05 PM on Jan 31, 2018


The Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC) is cautiously optimistic about the imposition of tariffs to give protections to the fledgling U.S. solar cell and module industry. 

This is based on the expectation that tariffs will encourage solar manufacturers to establish U.S. operations and seek out highly attractive locations such as the Western New York Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (WNY STAMP) campus, already the planned site for solar wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies.

This takes on even greater importance as the GCEDC is in various phases of construction at STAMP in preparation for an advanced manufacturer opening operations at the campus.

This critically important work includes completion of the construction of the Phase I water project.  The next phase of the water project will expand water capacity at STAMP to 1 Million Gallons Day (MGD) and is expected to begin in 2018.  It should be noted that various residences in the town have benefitted from this project.

The GCEDC is in the design phase for the construction of a 115kV electric substation which will serve as the foundation as ultimately STAMP will have over 500MW of energy capacity when fully built out. 

With the main entrance roadway completed in 2017, the next phase of road construction will soon take place where top course paving will be completed along with the turning lane on New York State Route 77/63 into the site. 

Finally, a contract was recently awarded for the design and construction of an entrance sign.  This work also will take place in Spring 2018.

As we are learning throughout this process, the more shovel ready a site can be made, the more successful our chances are at landing an advanced manufacturing company to start operations at STAMP.

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