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Edwards Vacuum to build $319 Million 'Factory of the Future' at STAMP!

Edwards Full Color.jpgAbout Edwards Vacuum

Edwards Vacuum is the leading supplier of vacuum and abatement technologies, products, services and solutions for the global semiconductor industry.

Manufacturing Building.pngProject Overview

In November 2022, Edwards Vacuum announced the selection of the STAMP Mega Site for their $319 million Factory of the Future.
At STAMP,  Edwards Vacuum plans to employ 600 high-skill professionals in the state-of-the-art semiconductor dry pump manufacturing facility.
Semiconductor dry pumps are critical equipment as Genesee County and New York's semiconductor corridor ramp up domestic chip manufacturing, ensuring that new chips fabs launch successfully and drastically reducing the carbon-usage to supply existing fabs.

Renewables Manufacturing Green.pngSTAMP Site Advantages

STAMP's strategic location, development readiness and utility advantages provide the ideal site for semiconductor manufacturing.
Edwards Vacuum VP of Global Business Development Scott Balaguer recently spoke with WROC-TV on why STAMP was the ideal site
"Being able to run the factory on hydropower was a huge advantage for us. The site is ready and Rochester is ready to go."
STAMP's low-cost, 100% renewable hydropower and shovel-ready permitting, zoning, and environmentals all support Edwards Vacuum's development. Learn more about STAMP's advantages.

BufRoc Metro Green.pngSTAMP Regional Advantages

STAMP's strategic location in the Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor provides significant advantages for semiconductor manufacturing.
The region's advanced research & development institutions, workforce training partners, and manufacturing supply chain all support Edwards Vacuum's development. Learn more about STAMP's regional advantages.


Edwards Vacuum anticipates adding 600 employees at STAMP. Learn more about careers at Edwards Vacuum here.


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